Skirting Mont Royal from the south, Dr. Penfield Avenue once served as the heart of the famed Golden Square Mile. Named in honour of Doctor Wilder Penfield, founder of the internationally renowned Neurological Institute, it hosts large and prestigious residences dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With stately Victorian homes and condo towers, the avenue possesses an authentic and prestigious cachet and has been the haunt of dignitaries and celebrities alike.

Perched on the southern slopes of Mont Royal, Dr. Penfield Avenue offers an unparalleled panorama of life. 1520 Dr. Penfield is a veritable hillside retreat, providing a harmonious balance between city-life and nature.

Day or night, you are at the heart of everything. A stone's throw from the shops and restaurants downtown, your condo at 1520 Dr. Penfield allows you to enjoy a life full of rewarding and revitalizing experiences.

A unique urban location, you will be left amazed by the lush natural wilderness just outside your door. Can you imagine a better place for a jog on a spring morning, for a romantic walk on a snowy evening, or for a midsummer night's picnic?

In the heart of the city, 1520 Dr. Penfield will enchant those seeking a modern urban lifestyle that does not sacrifice proximity to nature. 1520 Dr. Penfield is quite simply invigorating.